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Bak Free : Atropine Drops & Ointment

Bak Free : Atropine Drops & Ointment

Atropine Eye Drops B.P. 1% w/v

Advanced solution for Eye Allergies

Dilate pupil esp children for refraction
May be used to break synechiae
May be used to prevent synechiae
Long action 14 days
Proven safety of antiseptics and astringents
Reduces redness and restores comfort
Protects the lysozyme of eye
Eye muscle relaxant
Suited for industrial first aid & eye hygiene
Rapid acting. well tolerated, safe & effective combination


Open Angle Glaucoma
Ocular Hypertension
No effects on blood pressure
Bacterial Keratitis
Pre & Post ocular surgery

Product Details

Product Type External Use Drugs
Form Liquid
Treatments & Functions For Eyes Use
Age Group Children / Adult