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Mydriatic & Cycloplegic Drops : Cyclomid

Mydriatic & Cycloplegic Drops : Cyclomid

Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride 1% w/v

For Mydriasis & Cycloplegia In Diagnostic Procedures

Avoid Hazards Of Atropine

O.P.D.- Retinascopy
Short duration of action
Keeps the pupil Mobile since action lasts for 24 hours
Pupil constriction possible with pilocarpine in Glaucoma Prone Patients
Negligible changes of anterior & posterior Synechia formation because of mobile pupil
Ideal for Atropine sensitive patients
Available in a clear solution and has distinct advantages over suspensions


Produces quick Mydriasis & Cycloplegia
Brings eye back to normal quickly
Ideal for Atropine sensitive patients especially for children
Minimal side effects compared to other mydriatic/cycloplegic drug

Product Details

Product Type External Use Drugs
Form Liquid
Treatments & Functions For Eyes Use
Age Group Children / Adult