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NSAID Drops : Nepacure

NSAID Drops : Nepacure

Nepafenac Ophthalmic Suspension, Nepafenac 0.1%

Nepacure Has A Superior Human Aqueous Humor Concentrations V/S Other NSAID's

Enduring relief from Ocular inflammation and pain

Pre operatively & Post operatively
Diabetic Retinopathy
Macular Oedema
Nepacure effectively controls pain & inflammation of anterior segment of eye ball especially in IOL and PHACO-Surgery
Nepacure is well tolerated NSAIDs & can be used for prolonged period of time without steroidal side effects
Reduce the development of inflammation through its specific ability to inhibit prostaglandins
Excellent safety profile with minimum systemic absorption
Minimizes risk of cystoid macular Oedema following cataract surgery


Treatment of pain & inflammation associated with cataract surgery
IOL Implantation, PHACO-emulsification
Deep-rooted inflammation

Product Details

Product Type External Use Drugs
Form Liquid
Treatments & Functions For Eyes Use
Age Group Children / Adult